Internet marketing has often mistakenly been pitched as a stand-alone service that can independently produce results. At IM Media, we believe that Internet marketing and search engine optimization must be an integral part of the building and ongoing maintenance of a website. We develop a comprehensive approach to marketing your website that involves strategy, graphic design, SEO-friendly content management systems, copy writing and sound analytics and reporting tools.

Responsive Design

Equip Your Site to Meet the Growing Demand of Mobile Devices
The increase in mobile web access demands that every business has a website that enables visitors to view and interact with it—regardless of what device they may be using. We prepare your website to meet the demands of the future with the responsive, future forward design.

IM Media design experts are ready to create responsive webpages for you that are both attractive and fully functional. This solution is better than developing or using apps because it detects the type of device being used and makes adjustments automatically. It also enables touch features on those devices with that capability.

As you know, without being able to view your website, customers cannot buy from you. Responsive design saves time and money by giving you one solution that fits all devices.

Collaborate with a full team of Internet marketing consultants who share your passion for producing results

  • SEO


  • PPC

    Pay-per-click advertising

  • Reporting & analytics

    Reporting & analytics


    Email marketing

  • Social Media

    Social media marketing

TitleSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

With over a decade of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), IM Media has become a leading SEO company. Our search engine optimization specialists have developed a broad range of strategic Internet marketing services that generate results.
  • Analysis of your organization and target markets

  • Competitive research & analysis

  • Strategic planning and goal setting

  • Keyword research and selection

  • Title and meta implementation

  • Site content and architecture recommendations

  • Website usability analysis and recommendations

  • Link research and placement (including websites, blogs and newsletters)

  • Submission to industry specific directories

  • Establishing social media presence

  • Manage paid link opportunities

  • PR development, distribution and measurement

  • Case studies and white paper writing and editing

  • Video and podcast development and promotion

  • Blog creation, distribution and measurement

  • Ranking analysis and website traffic measurement

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Smart pay-per-click advertising can offer immediate action on any site’s marketing initiatives. IM Media goes beyond the basics of establishing these types of dynamic campaigns, monitoring campaigns to ensure that each client’s budget is used efficiently and effectively with returns that are measurable and meaningful.

  • PPC Campaign Research & Planning

    Using client-generated market information as a guide, we research keywords, budgets, market saturation and the probability for success. If the likelihood of “owning” a desired word seems unrealistic, we attempt to develop alternate campaigns that can still provide the client with directed traffic.

  • Campaign & Bid Management

    Where many do-it-yourself marketers fail is in managing the campaign over the long-term to ensure that goals continue to be met and remain within budget. IM Media monitors each campaign, identifying strengths and weaknesses while adapting the campaign for ongoing success. We also review bid prices to keep budgets and visibility balanced, giving clients the biggest bang for their buck. Should campaign data look skewed, we research the history of click-throughs and attempt to minimize the unwanted “noise” that a campaign can generate.

  • ROI by a Trained Eye

    Analytics and a trained eye help us demonstrate the value of marketing initiatives while eliminating waste. Analytics tools are greatly improving the SEO professional’s ability to track return-on-investment. This is an exciting time in the online marketing field. This constant evolution demands a dedicated team committed to evolving and updating marketing models and methods on your behalf.

    There’s never been a better time to contact IM Media and gain valuable insight into your site’s statistical data and your web-based marketing efforts.

  • Copywriting

    Our staff works with you to develop online ad copy that is reflective of the business, provides “hooks” for potential visitors, and stays within the set copywriting parameters established by third party vendors.

  • Conversion Tracking

    To gauge return on investment for any campaign, IM Media utilizes a variety of conversion tracking tools, both with third parties and through custom applications. Tracking data is the best indicator of how effectively a client’s dollars are being spent and how satisfactory the return on investment. There’s never been a better time to contact IM Media and explore the real-time influence a pay-per-click campaign can have.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Using professional marketing expertise and the technical ability to track, manage and interpret results, IM Media adds value to marketing campaigns by applying tactics for targeted marketing aimed at getting a return on investment, not just higher traffic.

  • Tracking Needs

    With web marketing, our clients are getting themselves in front of potential new business at the exact time a buyer is interested in their offering. Each new opportunity for promotion brings a greater need for a sophisticated approach to analyzing the dollars and hours invested.

  • Demonstrate Value & Eliminate Waste

    Utilizing proprietary tools, the ability exists to instantly and directly track the results of a campaign from its outset. New technologies are creating new marketing opportunities every day, but without key tracking figures, campaigns can not be judged on their value… only their cost. Without marketing analytics in place, marketing is just another way to spend money.

Email Marketing

The most effective way to turn one-time clients into repeat visitors is through the use of email marketing. Any organization can benefit from connecting with both existing and prospective customers through this cost-conscious marketing tool.  There has never been a better time to contact IM Media to discuss how a tactical email marketing campaign can provide you with a meaningful client communications platform.

IM Media can implement your email campaign to include:

  • Tactical definition of target audience(s) and frequency of distribution

  • Creation of distribution schedule and email themes

  • Custom HTML email template design

  • Custom HTML email template design

  • Development of email content

  • Residual modifications to campaign strategies and site tie-ins

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Web Design

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