As society relies more on digital delivery systems such as web, smartphones, tablets and social media, the competition for viewer’s attention has become a premium. You need a way to break through the clutter.

And the best way to do that is with a promo by IM Media.

Unlike TV spots that are constrained to either the 15-second or 30-second format, the promo has no pre-determined length. Your promo can be as long as you desire, but there is a goal:

Leave them wanting more.

Utilizing a clear message intended for a specific demographic, a promo video targets the audience you want and engages them specifically.

Visually slick, effective and most importantly, memorable, IM Media promos are the ideal way to represent your product and introduce it to the people you want.

IM Media will work with you, determine your target audiences and develop a concept for something completely original that will tantalize your audience. Or, we can consult with you on a way to incorporate existing clips, music and sound bites into a fun, energizing promo that will engage and excite.

In addition to our full range of video production services, IM Media also offers a full range of promo services that will:

garner interest in your project
spread information
motivate audiences to learn more about your program
create interest and buzz

There are no limitations to the imagination and creativity we will use to develop your promo. From conventional to out of the box, promo videos from Indigo will have everyone talking and more importantly, seeking you out.

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