Public Relations and PR Services. Start big conversations. Make powerful connections.

IM Media specializes in crafting compelling stories and delivering them where they will get the most effective results. We create your most valuable public relations asset: content you can leverage – from news releases to blogs and crisis communications. Our goal for you is simple and clear: Be heard.

Our singular focus on PR helps us generate buzz for clients across a wide range of industries. To do this, we use the tools that tell your story most effectively – whether it is media outreach, strategic planning, news releases, awards, events, online video and podcasts or social media.

Public relations is so much more than sending out news releases. It is about telling your story in a way that makes people care, and making the right connections that get you noticed. It is about starting conversations that lead to new business or that change behaviors and opinions.

Good public relations gets your name out there. Great public relations gets your story out.

Market Research

Properly done, market research can help you gain the insight you need to make important decisions for your business

Public Relations

Public Relations and PR Services

Start big conversations

Make powerful connections.


Copywriting Services

Web Copy

Press Releases, Case Studies, White Papers, Our Process

Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Strategies

Search success revolves

having a clear direction and a strategy that is totally customized to your business

Product Launch

Launching a new product or service

Product Launch Services

IM Media can take on for your launch

Internet Marketing

Sterling reputation for providing consistently superior results

Internet marketing services

Youtube Page, Facebook Page, twitter Page,

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Services For Your Business

Video marketing services

intro Video, Motion Graphics, Web Video, Music Video


Copywriting Services

Web Copy

Press Releases, Case Studies, White Papers, Our Process

Marketing Collateral

IM Media can help you produce professional quality marketing collateral to meet your business needs

Email Marketing

Reach New and Existing Customers with Email Marketing

Direct Mail Solutions

Find and Introduce Your Business to New Customers Easily with Direct Mail